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Marco Fields (CHILE) ‘Live & Intimate’ – LIVE AT BUTCHERS B

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Marco Fields (CHILE) – Live & Intimate


Featuring Latin-America’s most beloved tunes & Marco’s new music, this show is charged with soul, melodies & rhythms that makes us feel home in a friendly, very easy environment almost unplugged, in the style of Latino home parties.

Artist Bio:

Marco Fields is a Chilean born, Australian raised singer- songwriter, currently based in Santiago Chile. His musical experience kicked off in Sydney in the early ’80s participating in school musicals & local festivals with Folk groups from the Latin community. In the late ’90s, he began to write his own music & his solo career took shape with a Contemporary Latin Folk sound.

His music is a mix of various influences such as classic anglo rock, salsa, & a strong dose of traditional latin american folk & rhythms.  Marco offers a colorful & varied mix of latin american instruments & percussion, captivating audiences with catchy rhythms & well versed lyrics depicting the reality of latin american migrants in Australia & other parts of the world.

Since initiating his solo career, Marco has performed in Asia, North America & various countries in Latin America, with a special mention regarding his current participation as a member of the acclaimed Chilean Andean group Arak Pacha. His solo music today gains strong airplay & exposure all over Latin America & the US latin music market.

September, sees Marco touring Australia with shows in Sydney, Perth & Brisbane.

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