Marty Mone was driving Tractors and Playing the Guitar at a very early age. By 18 he was working full time driving Tractors, Diggers and Lorries and gigging with a band at the weekends. Somewhere in the middle of all that he started writing & recording his own songs and making his own music videos.Then came Hit the Diff, Marty wrote this song while out working on the Digger and Lorry and it was about his daily life on the road. It all started as a bit of craic and Marty published this video to YouTube in late 2014. Marty made the video from pictures he had taken on his phone while out working. The video also includes pictures of Marty out driving from a very early age. The video took off immediately, and it didn’t end there. Don’t miss your chance to catch Marty and his band live in Australia after his sold out run of dates in 2019!