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Mi-Sex Space Race promises a transcendent blast from/to the past.

Party like it’s 1980 when Mi-Sex takes their mammoth live show and unique blend of rock meets new wave, meets punk meets disco, on the road in 2021 to celebrate 40 years of Space Race.

1969 may have been the year that man set foot on the Moon, yet 1980 was the year that Mi-Sex launched Space Race. This makes 2020 the 40th Anniversary of Mi-Sex timeless classic LP – Space Race – featuring the hit singles ‘People’, ‘It Only Hurts When I’m Laughing’, ‘Living In September’ and title track, Space Race’.

In a set that includes all the hits from the debut LP, Graffiti Crimes, celebrated Space Race (1980), Shanghaied! (1981) and Where Do They Go? (1983), get-set for a show that revives the soundtrack of a generation – ‘But You Don’t Care’, ‘Computer Games’, ‘People’, ‘Blue Day’ and ‘Castaway’, alongside a few newbies for fun.

Joining Murray Burns on keys ‘n’ synth is Steve Balbi (Electric Hippies, Noiseworks) on vocals, James Van Cooper on guitar, Travis New on the bass, and Jordan McDonald on drums – celebrating a cultural legacy that is iconographic 1980s new-wavers, Mi-Sex.

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