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MoshPit – Valiant Stride + Tim Eaton & the Highway Roses + Hellbound Hombres

past event


Get ready to rock at the MoshPit with this electrifying line up! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience a memorable night of great music.

Doors 7:30 PM


8:30 PM

Hellbound Hombres

Hellbound Hombres are a force of nature dedicated to resurrecting the soul-stirring sound of classic rock and blues. Echoing the spirit of legends, the Hellbound Hombres bring to life the forgotten gems of a bygone era. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s blistering Texas Blues, the heartland anthems of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, the wild, untamed energy of George Thorogood & the Destroyers + many more! – it’s all woven into the fabric of their sonic tapestry. Prepare yourselves for the raw power of the Hellbound Hombres!

9:30 PM

Tim Eaton & the Highway Roses

Get ready for some classic indie rock delivered from a gutsy heart! This indie group are setting the stage on fire as they showcase their debut album “A’lass a Lantern”. The album not only marks a significant milestone for the band but also establishes them as torchbearers of the indie rock scene, casting this emotional and uplifting journey like a radiant light in the vast music scene.

10:30 PM

Valiant Stride

Are you ready to feel the pulsating rhythms, electrifying guitar solos, and the soulful melodies? Valiant Stride will be unleashing a mesmerising experience, performing songs from their upcoming debut album “Righteous Street”.  Immerse yourself into a majestic fusion of rock, blues and psychedelia!


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