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Nanny Assis, Maggie Gould & Kevin Field (BRAZIL/ NZ/ USA) – LIVE AT BUTCHERS BREW BAR!!

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Nanny Assis, Maggie Gould & Kevin Field (BRAZIL/ NZ/ USA)

⭐️ Nanny Assis is from Bahia, Brazila, a master of bossa nova,forro & a myriad of African Brazilian sounds. He is a New York based vocalist, drummer, percussionist & songwriter, recently awarded the lifetime achievement in Brazilian Jazz.  He has performed with Paul Simon, Kenny Baron, VInicius Cantauria, John Patitucci & many others.

His album ‘Double Rainbow’ reflects his expertise in Bossa Nova & Brazilian Jazz.  Prior to his current tour of NZ, Japan & Australia, Nanny was working on a new CD with Bassist Ron Carter in New York .

⭐️ NZ-born vocalist Maggie Gould’s music combines Jazz, Latin, Brazilian Jazz & Soul music, bringing international audiences a unique sound & performances.  Maggies has performed internationally with Bruce Foreman, Russell Malone, Nanny Assis, John di Martino, Kevin Field, Ron Samson, Leo Traversa, Tommy Campbell, Claude McKnight & Alex Foster.

She recently recorded her new CD with Russell Malone and formed a funk/ soul concert with Commodores Ronald La Praed & band.

Maggie has sung at The Blue Note, Jazz Forum, BB King’s Club on 42nd Street, Zinc NY & many festivals.  At her residency in London she sang with Dionne Warwick who said – “you tell a story girl, don’t change a thing”

Currently based in New York, Maggie has recently launched her debut album ‘Todo Amor’ at The Blue Note & taken her band to international festivals in London, Rome, Venice & New Zealand.

Maggie & Nanny run festivals & teaching workshops in jazz & Brazilian Jazz.

⭐️ Pianist and composer Kevin Field has collaborated with some of the top international names in jazz including Grammy nominated guitarists Mike Moreno & Nir Felder, bassists Matt Penman & Orlando le Fleming & Charles Haynes – drummer/ producer for Kanye West & Lada Gaga. He has also performed or recorded with a diverse range of artists including George Garzone, Will Vinson, James Muller, Obed Calvaire, Terreon Gully, Richard Hammond & Nathan Haines.

Kevin is also musical director for the Alchemy project – a 12 member musical collective that re-interprets classic NZ popular songs from a jazz perspective.

Kevin’s distinctive & innovative approach to jazz harmony is probably the most recognisable element in his playing & compositions. Already a well-known name to jazz audiences, Kevin has performed concerts in the UK, USA, Australia & NZ, & has featured on over 40 albums. His latest album ‘Soundtology’ has been released by European record label Timezone.

A senior lecturer in Jazz Studies at the University of Auckland, Kevin’s compositions have been broadcast in Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Israel & Czech Republic. He also holds a doctorate in musical arts awarded for research into the development of new & innovative approaches to jazz improvisation & composition.

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