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Night Radio + Miau + Geoff Towner

past event


Eclectic sounds and moods

Night Radio is a folk rock band based in Sydney, Australia. The band formed in 2000 and retains most of its original members. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Darrell Archer is more than ably supported by David Rae (guitar), John Sandow (keyboards), Jack Robin (bass) and newcomer Gabriel Abramowitz (drums). Night Radio’s music can be mournful or melodic, uplifting, rhapsodic or, unforgivingly, downright nostalgia inducing.

Miau – “from dreamy to edgy.. and back again”, this Sydney based instrumental trio have been wowing audiences with rhythms of the sea, cries of the koel, the swirling majesty of dance, and the edginess of urban desolation. Trumpet, bass and drums coalesce into mesmerising sounds. Nick Ketley on bass, Bon King on drums, Penny McBride on trumpet and flugel. These three have played everything from punk to lounge to indie and now land in an exploratory space which draws on their diverse influences and experiences.

“Art, jazz, math fusion from the enigmatic and intriguing: Miau” “smooth, cool and just bloody great!”
“dark, tense, exhilarating”

“exceptional”……. Miau

Geoff Towner is a Sydney-based musician & visual artist who has played in and done artwork for a variety of bands, including The Dead Tree, Sal Paradise, El Mopa, A Gold Star Secret, Decoder Ring, Darren Hanlon & others. He currently is a solo artist and recently collaborated with Kevin Purdy for the Geoff Kevin album “Avoidance”.

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