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No Mandate "Recalibrate" Launch w Freyja Garbett and Holopeak


No Mandate launch “Recalibrate” and to celebrate they invited two other exciting trios for a celebration of three-piece musical madness.

No Mandate launch their first proper album “Recalibrate”. The trio’s music bursts with energy as they combine heavy riffs with reggae rhythms and a progressive sense for unusual song structures. Building on years of experience in a range of adventurous bands, the three musicians distill the essence of their vision into the tight package that is “Recalibrate”.

Musicians: Jochen Gutsch – Guitar, Vocals / Simeon Bartholomew – bass / Alex O’Toole – Drums

The Freyja Garbett Trio blend jazz improvisation, hip-hop, neo-soul, afrobeat, reggae and funk into their own cohesive style. Between them, they have played with artists such as Urthboy, Touch Sensitive, Stella Donnely, Nathan Cavaleri and Alejandro Saenz to name a few.

Musicians: Freyja Garbett – Keys / Lucy Clifford – Bass / Liam Hogan – Drums

Holopeak explore the sounds of guitar, bass and drums through atmospheric long-form improvisations. They say they’re neither jazz nor rock nor minimalism, so they’re probably all of the above.

Musicians: Chloe Kim – Drums / Nick Mielczarek – Guitar / Harry Birch – Bass

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