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Nosedive w/ Proposal

past event


Nosedive are a Heavy Metal band straight out of Wollongong, they draw inspiration from bands like Power Trip and Mammoth Grinder, bringing the sound of Texas to the South Coast of Australia.  Releasing their 2019 debut EP, ‘Original Agony’, they crashed into the Wollongong music scene playing small bars, clubs, warehouses and art spaces. In 2020 Nosedive released, ‘Murder Minded/Nice Way to Die’, a two track demo that never had a release show because the planet shut down.

2020 put Nosedive in a bad mood.

Now with 2020 in the dust, Nosedive are celebrating the release of their new single, ‘Bad Mood’. An anthem for everyone who needs to scream at a joke of a year, and then scream again because it isn’t getting any better.

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