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Novak Manojlovic’s PLACES, PEOPLE

past event


A handful of souvenirs and relics found washed up on shorelines, shining face-up in wet soil or stuck-by-gum to the undersides of motley city park benches —

PLACES, PEOPLE is a collation of odes written by Novak Manojlovic for string quartet, piano, guitar and percussion. Inspired by a deep dive into chamber and film music as well as an unwavering sense of adolescent nostalgia, each of the pieces which make up PLACES, PEOPLE seeks to consecrate memory into song. Here are the shades of crooks of coasts of isolate islands in the antipodes, here are devotionals to the silhouettes of the people and places that prevail, and to all that which does not go quietly.

Performed by Novak Manojlovic, Jacques Emery, Yuhki Mayne, Hana King, Beth Condon, Freya Schack-Arnott.

Novak Manojlovic is an award winning composer, pianist and improvisor based in Sydney. He is the leader of several groups including the subversive piano trio HEKKA and large ensemble Grown Ocean, a member of Sam Gill’s Coursed Waters and the contemporary improvising ensemble Microfiche, as well as the musical director for PNG/Australian artist NGAIIRE. In 2019 he was the recipient of the Freedman Fellowship in Jazz.

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