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Join the Luminescence Chamber Singers for a musical dissection as they explore the corporeal form from Orlandus Lassus to new music by Dan Walker.

My heart, my body, all I have.

From Andreas Vesalius’ groundbreaking De Fabrica Humani Corporis’ to the drawings of Da Vinci and Dürer, the 16th century heralded a new fascination with the human figure.  Human dissection transformed our understanding of anatomy, and the body became the subject of scientific and artistic fixation.

In the spirit of Buxtehude’s much-loved ‘Membra Jesu Nostri’, Dan Walker’s new work ‘Of The Body’ is comprised of six movements, each devoted to an anatomical part: the eyes, the hands, the mouth, the feet, the blood, and finally, the heart.  In a concert that traverses sex, sensuality, the senses and more, Luminescence Chamber Singers explore what it means to be embodied in a digital age, our relationship to our corporeal form; our flesh and blood.

Luminescence Chamber Singers

AJ America, mezzo soprano/artistic director
Lucien Fischer, baritone
Veronica Milroy, soprano
Rachel Mink, soprano
Alasdair Stretch, bass
Dan Walker, composer/tenor
Conducted by Roland Peelman AM

Presented by Luminescence Chamber Singers


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