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Duende, or ‘tener duende’ (“having duende”) can be translated in Spanish
language as having soul, a heightened sense of emotion, expression and
heart. It refers to spirit in Spanish, Portuguese and Filipino folklore and
literally means “ghost” or “goblin “in Spanish.
Critically acclaimed Spanish flamenco guitarist, Paco Lara with a distinguished international career of more than 30 years, launches his new album-DUENDE with a Spanish Flamenco show featuring some of the finest music and flamenco dance from Spain and Australia.
Lara now based in Australia since 2017, was inspired to produce his collaborative musical project. His dream project of producing DUENDE is to bring to life his original music compositions and the fusion of cultures together inspired by his hometown, Jerez in the South of Spain -the heartland of the tradition of flamenco.
Embodying the unmistakeable Jerez style of flamenco guitar playing, Lara presents flamenco guitar in all its authenticity, culture and imagination.
Virtuoso flamenco guitarist, Lara has toured internationally alongside some of Spain’s well-known artists, composers and maestros of flamenco, such as the Maestro Paco Cepero (one of flamenco’s most legendary guitarists and composers), Mercedes Ruiz (dancer), Isabel Pantoja and Juan Moneo El Torta (vocalists). In Spain, Lara also has been at the vanguard of Flamenco Fusion with hugely successful groups such as El Barrio and Los Delinquentes.
Lara’s recent successes in 2021and at the 2023 Adelaide Guitar Festival and his national tour with the Andalusian Guitar Show in 2022 is placing Lara at the top of the Australian music scene. Audiences will be hungry for this exciting new Flamenco cultural and musical performance-Duende.
Now with Lara’s growing reputation and following of Spanish flamenco from Spain in Australia he has developed an appetite with his unique style that brings the fusion of contemporary music with hints of jazz in this new performance, inspiring all audiences, students, musicians, dancers and lovers of the flamenco tradition.
With a record of packed-out concerts at the Sydney Opera House in 2021 and now with the new upcoming session in 2023, the maestro and his talented ensemble will tantalise the musical senses and continue to bring passion and soul into the hearts and spirts of Australian audiences, with the most authentic Spanish flamenco show in the country from the hands of Paco Lara, bringing a world class musical and cultural experience not to be missed!
“Magnificently entertaining. Such musicians are rare in this country.” – City
News “
Paco Lara: If it’s not romantic, it’s not possible.”
– MBA Magazine ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
” The music, beyond being exceptionally well played, is always pretty and eminently
approachable – a quality compounded by the choice of repertoire. John Shand”(The Sydney Morning Herald).
“Fast, intense and exhilarating’ “Jill Sykes 2018 The Sydney Morning Herald
Artistic Director/Music Curator and Flamenco Guitarist-Paco Lara
Special guest Flamenco Dancer Sebastián Sánchez
Featuring –
Guest Flamenco Dancers-Deya Miranda Giner and Lauren Majarrés
Vocalist- Angela Rosero
Percussionist & Pianist- Byron Mark
Proudly sponsored by :
-Australia Council for the Arts
-Instituto Cervantes Sydney
-Toscano Guitars
-Augustine Strings

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