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Jazz sounds at Parramatta Square each Thursday to Sunday night between 25 March – 11 April.

Take a stroll through the ‘new’ Parramatta Square and listen to the rhythmic sounds of live jazz music each Thursday through to Sunday evening between 25 March and 11 April. Featuring performances by Cass Greaves, Esme, GAC, The Pocket Trio, Foshe, Dauno Martinez Trio, Dan Barnett Organ Trio and Ephemeral Times. No bookings required.

Jazz in the square 2021

Live jazz in Parramatta Square. Each band will play two sets per night 6pm and 7pm.

Playing time are:

  • 1st set – 6pm
  • 2nd set – 7pm

Week 1

  • Thursday 25th March – Dauno Martinez Trio
  • Friday 26th March – Cass Greaves – Facebook page
  • Saturday 27th March – Ephemeral Times
  • Sunday 28th March – Dan Barnett Organ Trio

Week 2

  • Thursday 1st April – Ephemeral Times
  • Friday 2nd April – Dauno Martinez trio
  • Saturday 3rd April –Esme – Facebook page
  • Sunday 4th April – Freyja Garbett – Facebook page

Week 3

  • Thursday 8th April – Dan Barnett Organ Trio
  • Friday 9th April – Foshe – Facebook page
  • Saturday 10th April –The Pocket Trio – Facebook page
  • Sunday 11th April – GAC

Event Dates