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Explosive and experimental noise band

This world-conquering Sydney duo of Kirsty Tickle (saxophone) and Jonathan Boulet (percussion/sampler) is set to blow the walls off the Weary Traveller. The pair’s improvisational and experimental sound harnesses a host of sampler effects, with each song coiled tight with tension and can careen from laid back to volatile in seconds.

Impossible to categorise, exactly what you’re hearing with Party Dozen is completely up to the listener. Doom. Jazz. Hardcore. Psychedelic. No-wave. Industrial. Whatever it is, it’s stirring you up.

Little wonder the outfit has earned praise from the likes of NME and Stereogum and a collab with the venerable Nick Cave. Both Tickle and Boulet were well known around the local music traps before forming Party Dozen, but this is the band that’s put them on the map. Music to see live and let loose your frustrations.

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