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Porpoise Spit (Melbourne) album launch

past event


Porpoise Spit unleash their debut album DON’T QUIT and they’re bringing the tour train to The Botany View Hotel!
Storming the streets of Sydney for the first time, The Porps are in elite company with Bronte Alva and The Sweaty Betty’s helping them bring in the ‘don’t quit’ era.

Expect explosive guitars, massive whole room harmonies, tears, fist pumps, beers and swaying arm in arm with your mates.

This is a celebration of community, music and perseverance, get in quick because it’s the year of the Porpoise baby and it’s about to go express.

Porpoise Spit generates a stirring brand of rock that merges heartfelt ballads, raucous energy, thrashing guitars and a socially progressive punk spirit. Over the past 5 years, they have been embraced by the Australian music community as a stalwart of the live circuit and garnered a strong grassroots fanbase. Having played and toured with the likes of Cash Savage, Cable Ties, Press Club, The Pretty Littles, Bad//Dreems and MOD CON, scorching showcases at BigSound and a thumping album out –  it is fast becoming the year of the Porpoise.

“They play with contagious energy, but don’t sacrifice musical precision in the quest for a good vibe. Each member has their craft down pat. As a unit, there’s a hard-earned chemistry that can’t be taught, their whole set just hangs together with that perfect loose/tight balance that makes you so thankful for rock’n’roll.”

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