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Pride Presents Browneye’s Finalé w Diva Attenbra, Demon Derriere & Benjamin Butterfly

past event


For World Pride 2023, Shady Pines Saloon presents – Browneye’s.
Guests of all persuasions are encouraged to seek out, squeeze in, and explore our explosive string of Pride parties. With unwavering commitment to customers, and care for world class drinking, we can assure your visit to Browneye’s will be the ball to brag about for years ahead. Shady Pines exists right in the eye of the action, and this year, in collaboration with World Pride 2023, we plan to raise the stakes to a new level of immersive entertainment.
Navigate the darkest laneway in town, smell the bourbon, taste the anticipation, and prepare to lick, sip and suck your way through this curation of electrifying events.
The music’s great, the staff are stars, and this bill of entertainment is set to make history.
For three Wednesday nights in a row, a spectrum of powerhouse performers will present brand new sets, uniquely tailored to Browneye’s at Shady Pines. Attendees can expect a free entry, live and lively night of Country Music and queer performance art. What to wear? ‘Ruff n’ Ready Redneck’.
Dress to theme for a free bowl of peanuts, and marvel in apex level entertainment, presented head-first by the hottest names in the game;
Kaizer – King of the Gutter, Misstaken Identity, Gabe Woods, Billie Burnout, Diva Attenbra, Demon Derriere, and culminating each evening in a flex of erotic athletics from the power-top of pole, the masterful, the artful, the one and the only, Mr Benjamin Butterfly.

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