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Punx@The Pin> Ebolagoldfish + Apprehension Avenue + Outer Control + Kalani Artis + Michael Ferguson

past event


It’s been a while since I’ve organised a show (and did a Facebook) and my motivation came from when I found out the Link & Pin was going through a period of tough post covid times. Winter is usually quiet for a lot of businesses so I thought I’d put together this little number on the cusp of winter so that everyone in the music community can get behind it and show their support for 3 amazing people Milly, Adam and Mark opening up a brilliant venue here on the peninsula. First up will be my life long friend and band mate from my first punk band Fetal Mishaps Michael Ferguson doing an acoustic set followed by the nephew of our dearly departed Dylan Artis – Kalani Artis also doing an acoustic set. After this array of wholesomeness my band Outer Control will probably goof off and pretend we are real musicians for 40 mins. 1/3 local to the 2257 precinct act Apprehension Avenue will take the stage and show us how it is done.
Last but not least, the band that hosts one of my all time favourite drummers to watch play live Andrew Braid, Ebolagoldfish! Andy and Gav go alright too! If you haven’t seen these guys live you’re in for a treat so get down and support your local and Sydney’s talent and also support this beautiful live music venue. – Dan Clark

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