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Re-ignite Vibe Tribe!

past event


Vibe Tribe is back after 30 years since the first free party in Sydney Park to rock the house and sow the seeds of rebellion once again with Re-ignite.

Vibe Tribe was an amazing explosion of creativity borne out of the punk D.I.Y ethic of the Jellyheads collective in inner-city Sydney from 1993 to 1996.

The events were magical community-driven multimedia happenings co-created by many hands, they were catalyzed by electronic music and anarchist and libertarian environmental politics and direct action.

Now Vibe Tribe is back with a line up of players who helped manifest magic and rebellion back in the Vibe Tribe era. The night will feature UV art, performance, collections of back in the day photos and flyers, film screenings, food, info on current social and environmental campaigns and more.

Rave and Doof counter culture now straddles generations, the energy we built on the dance floor helped inspire a legacy of ‘co-operation not competition’ vibes in projects and events ever since. Now that the old guard of politicians and society disorganisers are letting go of the reigns of power to younger more progressive mindsets we are ready to make things better for the good of all.  We need the empathy driven Rave-o-lution to help turn the wheels of change to steer us towards an anti colonial, pro indigenous cultural revival, future of justice and sustainability.

So far confirmed for the event is:


  • Non Bossy Posse
  • Telharmoneom


  • Gemma
  • Chin Bindi
  • Zeitgeist
  • Sub Bass Snarl
  • Ming D
  • Abel
  • Nick Taylor
  • Toecutter
  • Ghetto Gold

Event Dates