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Save. The. Last. Dance. Pride Sydney 2023

Retro at the Metro is proud to present G.A.Y to mark the end of an incredible month-long Pride celebration, the likes of which Sydney has never seen.

It’s time to get out your spirit fingers, shimmy like you’ve never shimmied and dance until you see all the colours of the rainbow with new friends and old.

This might just be the climax you’ve been looking for and we’re preparing a night like no other: catch up with your mates, sashay into the arms of that-one-you’ve-had-your-eye-on, or catch up with a group sesh on all the hot gossip from the last few weeks. You might even get a free round if you are the hot gossip.

Starting at 9pm and peaking at 5am, we’ve got a jam-packed, pop-tastic, finger-licking, anthem-loving line-up including:

DJ Levins

DJ Sister Di-Vinyl

DJ Wayne G (UK – anthems/pop set)

+ live performances by The Pet Shop Girls

We’ll see you on the dance floor! X

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