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Satin Satin Cali ‘Lately’ Tour LOSER + The Vandastruts

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Australia’s Satin Cali returns with an electrifying new single, ‘Lately’. Continuing their collaboration with Daniel Antix at Def Wolf Studios in Sydney, the band delivers a powerful and grungy pop-rock number. Drawing flavours of inspiration from the likes of Skegss, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Beddy Rays.

‘Lately’ delves into the exhilarating yet tumultuous dynamics of a relationship where one person is left chasing the other. The song captures the essence of a love that is both alluring and elusive, where the object of affection has one foot in and one foot out. This constant push and pull create an addictive cycle of desire and anxiety, leaving the chaser yearning for more. With its relatable lyrics ‘Lately’ explores the highs and lows of love, portraying the intense emotions and the irresistible allure of the chase.

“We’ve all felt that crazy rush when someone makes you feel like the only one in the room, but then they keep you chasing. Love can mess with your head and the chase turns into its own kind of high. It’s that mix of excitement and frustration that gets under your skin.” – Zac Goluch.

In support of ‘Lately’, Satin Cali is embarking on a metropolitan city tour, playing Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane. Also making a special appearance at Perisher Ski Resort for a string of intimate shows across Snowy Mountains

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