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Scab Baby w/ Spoonhead // Lady Petrol

past event


Scab Baby is an alternative synth punk band from Wollongong consisting of two Tom’s and a Jaz. Formed as a two-piece in 2017, the two Tom’s teared up and down Australia’s east coast before welcoming Jaz in on keys in 2019 for a bigger, fuller, more hectic live show and sound. With a blend of your favourite mix of alternative crazy synth punk, boppin pop rock and sad songs, scab baby loves to rock.

Formed in 2019, SPOONHEAD is a young, energetic three-piece based out of Newcastle, Australia. Using many influences like The Melvins, Tool, Helmet and the Seattle sound, SPOONHEAD has developed into their own, bringing a different sound to the current punk rock and metal community. Their raw, hard-hitting debut album ’Pretty Pig’ put them on the map in 2020 and was followed by the release of a more polished single ‘Sleight of Hand’ in early 2021.

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