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With such instantly recognisable vocals, and a sound that is rooted in neither place nor genre, Taiwanese singer-producer Scintii’s production marks her out as one to watch. Scintii creates music that is neither obviously for the club nor strictly synth-pop, instead forging a cyber-sleek and moody late-night electronica.

Scintii joined Houndstooth with the EP “Times New Roman” out in September 2020, her first release since her second EP “Aerial/Paperbags” on SVBKVLT in 2018. “Times New Roman” offered a step up from the wistfulness of her previous EPs, to a tougher, deeper sound. Her next project continues with a signature wistfulness, with an occasional harder-edged tone too, dream-like synths and airy vocals seep throughout, making this a truly unignorable next step in the artist’s growing and highly exciting ongoing catalog.

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