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SCM Chinese Music Ensemble (Greenway Series)

past event


In the chest of this Man of the Way is a clear water mirror,
In which myriad forms arise or dissipate, having nowhere to hide

Su Shi 苏轼 (1037 – 1102)

In Chinese poetry, there is the age-old concept of the water mirror as seen in the Song dynasty couplet above.

According to scholar Zhiyi Yang, “the clear surface of a water mirror catches the reflections of the surrounding phenomenal world, but its tranquillity remains undisturbed”.

We have used this poetic concept in our concert to present a selection of art music compositions and timeless classics that act like metaphorical water mirrors, reflecting the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the composers who come from a range of backgrounds and time periods.

Featured composers: Alex Chilvers, Gang Chen, Wendy Guan, Jolin Jiang, Ray Lin, Nicholas Ng, Harry O’Brien, Meng Zhang, Zhanhao Ye

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