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Sex Mask With Special Guests

27 July 2024 9:00 pm


Vague pop instilled with the ancient genius of your own blood.
Sex Mask holds the many trigger words your CIA handler doesn’t want you to know.
We have several testimonials from fans attesting to semi-mystical experiences,
some claim it to be Deja vu from a genetic memory long dormant and locked,
Others speak of foreshadowed flashes of a past life they are yet to have lived.
All of this, incited after only seconds of exposure to any of our available songs.
is Sex Mask just another egregious attempt from delusional solipsists at being heard
while saying close to nothing? Yes. But we make it look good.
Part Taoist riddle, part lone gun-mans manifesto.
We are also a post punk/alt rock band from Melbourne.

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