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Look, I don’t mean to be cavalier about King Charles, but it’s just weird calling it the “King’s Birthday” weekend. I very much doubt there’ll be a single person in attendance who’s old enough to remember it ever being anything other than the Queen’s Birthday. But hey, I still struggle not to call it Cracker Night…
You’ve gotta feel for the bloke, though. Waiting in line all those years, and then this diagnosis. It’d be like waiting until your dad could no longer drive his prized GTHO Phase III and finally handed over the keys, and within three months you’ve blown all your points and lost your license.
With that in mind, it’s only fair that we give him the full Girlfriend Experience as a member of the Commonwealth in good standing. He did go to school here, after all, and he has history with random sheilas pashing him in the surf…
There ARE, however, still a few weeks between now and Chucky Day, and we’ve all seen how quickly medical issues can progress, so anything could happen.
That’s why, for this special day of celebration, we’ve partnered with ACME-Schrödinger Enterprises to bring you a world first…
Yep, there’s a king in there, but we won’t know whether it’s Chuckles or Willy, or whether they’re alive or dead!
Either way, SHAGGIN’ WAGON are gonna do their thing at Marrickville Bowlo on the public holiday we’re getting (and are entitled to, dammit) regardless of who’s in the big chair at the time, which is as good a segue from ridiculous promo concept to gig details as I can think of…
We’ve learned from experience that you’re all boring old farts who don’t like to stay out late, so we’re back in the afternoon slot, which suits us just fine too. And the last couple of shows we did were a LOT of hard work, learning at least 50% new material, so this time out, maybe we’re just gonna relax a little, mine the back catalogue, not put so much pressure on ourselves…so we’re more comfortable and you’re more likely to hear some old faves.*
(* “old faves” as defined within the context of the Wagon. And W*th*ring H*ights is STILL a no-go.)
There’s always a chance we might play a Queen song, but I don’t think we’ll be doing any King, Level 42, or Kings Of The Sun…maybe some King Crimson? You KNOW from experience, however, that we’re bound to come up with some ridiculous tie-ins and tenuous links…
Anyway, Monday June 10th is the date, 4 til 8pm be the times. It’ll be just like Rock Against Work but a day early!
I bet Charlie never had to rock against work! (Or work, for that matter…)

Shaggin’ Wagon – giving your ears “the perfect blend of care and irreverence” (The Guardian) since 1977.

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