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SHATTERED CIRCUITS + Kosher Groove + Othrship

past event


Nu-jazz/ house/ psychedelic

SHATTERED CIRCUITS – is a dynamic four-piece nu-jazz band from the bustling music scene of Sydney. The band’s sound is characterized by intricate arrangements, powerful saxophone solos, and driving, funky rhythms.

Formed in 2020, Shattered Circuits has built a reputation for delivering energetic and captivating live performances that combine improvisation and technical prowess. Their latest release, “Hike” showcases their ability to seamlessly blend traditional jazz elements with modern pop and electronic elements, resulting in a sound that is both sophisticated and accessible.

Kosher Groove – Off the back of consistent high energy and packed shows, Kosher Groove are increasingly establishing themselves as an act not to miss.
They fuse their love for 90’s house, deep house, Italo disco, dense atmospheric textures and improvisational expression into unique live experiences.
Heavily inspired by the AUS jazz house/nu-jazz and UK scenes, expect sounds informed by artists such as JK Group, Close Counters, Harvey Sutherland, First Beige and Kamaal Williams. Kosher Groove are focused on breaking down audience/performer barriers and creating a blissful space for dance and self-expression.

Othrship –  responds to this galaxy’s need for good music with psychedelic experimental rock. Having been given a mission to find a new planet, Othrship set sail across the galaxy many moons ago. The crew hoping to find a new home for their people, crashed on planet Earth. Their mission – to circulate knowledge of lessons learnt on the longevity a race. Othrship time-tunnels sensational thrust power, the crew generates an astonishing Pan Galactic blast of Psychedelic Experimental Rock that keeps audiences travelling up through the speed of light and way out into deep space.

$20 + booking fee
$35 + bf entry includes a meal ?

7pm Doors ?
8.30pm band

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