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Sleeper & Snake (Melb) / Loose-y Crunché / xNoBBQx / Eternal Dust

past event


SLEEPER & SNAKE are Amy Hill and Al Montfort. As members of Total Control, Dick Diver, Lower Plenty, Terry and innumerable other vital acts from the Aus-underground, you might be expecting some strummy pop slap, but Sleeper & Snake is a more subtle, intriguing and experimental endeavour. Homespun vignettes of warbled keyboards, fizzed improv interludes, shifting layers of skewed harmony and wistful yet pointed lyrical pep is their measure. The duo still lock into a mordant lo-fi mode but there’s a delicacy at play here too with cello, harmonica and even sarangi being employed in the foundation of these frothy concoctions of outsider folk and post punk hodgepodge.

LOOSE-Y CRUNCHÉ is a spin-o! multiplication of Lucy Cliche bringing you irritatingly raw and reasonably improvised relentless electronic crunch zone headache beats and disjointed noise tracks. An ever evolving project exploring intersections between techno, industrial and electro. Using an all hardware set-up her music delivers a hard bitten exploration of how physicality and the ethereal can interact in music – heavy bass rhythms lock into pounding drums, washed over with synth chords and acid bleeps.

XNOBBQX is the improvised experimental guitar and drums duo of Matt Earle (Breakdance the Dawn) and Nick Dan. They have earned a reputation as a musical quandary for their at the same time stando”sh and engaging performances. Both nationally and internationally they have shared stages with artists such as Keiji Haino and Alex Zhang Hungtai.

ETERNAL DUST is a dream pop/art-rock/goth/post-punk band forged by Ebonny Munro, Oscar Sulich and Finn Parker. Together the band weaves hazy melodic textures swelling with fervent emotion and melancholy, invoking all the romanticism and deep longing found in the sound and lyrics of their 1980s forbears, such as The Cure, Cocteau Twins, and Siouxsie and The Banshees. They have releases on Dero Arcade.

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