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Smart Casual “Disgusting” Tour With Special Guests

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This song delves into the frustration and disillusionment you might feel within a toxic situation or relationship. There’s a sense of distance from what was once familiar or what you once called home, and you’re exhausted from battling against the deceit and dishonesty. You’re disgusted by the lies and you’re sure the other person is disgusted by you as well. There’s no room for the desire to keep fueling the cycle just because it once felt like home – it’s like feeding a thief.

“To me ‘Disgusting’ feels like leaving through the back-door, charging into the unknown and never looking back. The strutty drive of this song gives real substance and determination to the central acknowledgment that the past has no more power over you than you have over it. Ultimately, this song reflects the liberating journey toward acceptance and growth”

Stepping into a new era, smartcasual, (Alt/indie Rock outfit) unveils a refined, polished sound with their upcoming single, “Disgusting.” Building on their acclaimed festival appearances, sold-out headline shows, and recent East Coast tour triumph, the band signals a significant evolution in their musical journey. Anticipate an immersive experience merging infectious melodies and unbridled energy, promising a future brimming with innovation and growth. Get ready for smartcasual’s next chapter—a sonic adventure like no other.

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