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SPITE is an up-and-coming series of local community-run gigs created to highlight artists from the heavier side of Sydney’s music scene, with a particular focus on trans & queer musicians.

SPITE’s first lineup is stacked with some of Sydney’s best:

Birthday Raven don’t pull their punches. Their politically charged high energy brand of hardcore is a trainwreck you won’t be able to keep your eyes and ears off of.

Muscle Mary are a distinct and aggressive new band from Sydney, Australia. Singer/bassist Jet, drummer Lucy (City Rose), and guitarist Tommy (Howl, Sounds Like Winter) question gender, sex and genre in their dark, ‘take no shit’ take on neo-grunge.

The Society of Cutting Up Men (S.C.U.M) is a bad omen of primordial darkness that has lost her way and ended up in this so-called dimension. An aural executioner, S.C.U.M forges her own space through audio assault, piercing sonic frequencies, and abhorrent noise. An ode to magic in all its forms – women, rage, movies, community and collaboration S.C.U.M. uses industrial materials to inflict pain upon her audience and piss people off

enpriestess started learning guitar when she was 12 to impress girls and it didnt work so now shes making it everyone elses problem

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