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Start Your Own Cul+ with Special Guests KODA + 51st Avenue

past event


Newly rebranded ‘Start Your Own Cult’ has risen from the ashes of ‘Dirty Spells’, ironically leading with a debut single that is about making questionable decisions, also known as ‘Brick Red Heart’ – and it definitely delivers. Fronted by Southbound’s Sarah Bernardo, this underground band switched things up by rearranging their instrumentalists and imbuing their songs with a heavier electronic presence. Having played countless local gigs the previous year, the band felt that it was time to change up their aesthetic and get serious. The name ‘Start Your Own Cult’ is a reflection of that DIY attitude, a war cry for artists to stand up to the abysmal year that 2020 has been and take back the power for themselves. ‘Brick Red Heart’ is a smashing Pop Rock / Pop Punk track utilising a very modern sound with some fairly aggressive synth and guitar work. Nods to Bring Me the Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Muse and a few other mid-2000’s bands come on pretty strong as inspiration, but with that 2021 kick which was expertly achieved between Sarah (singer), Josh (guitarist), Alex (bassist) and Evan (drummer). The song itself reiterates “tell, tell it again” and “sell, sell it again” as if to ask “was it worth it?” in a way you won’t be able to resist joining, whilst cleverly referencing concepts such as Pandora’s Box, ideas of sin vs. duty, and striking imagery through lyrics like “tap the Formica with a chalk white hand”, and “kicking rocks off the overpass” to really bring it home. If this is the high standard of quality we can expect from upcoming Australian band ‘Start Your Own Cult’, we’re in for a hell of a ride.

KODA is a Sydney based Rock and Roll band. Formed in 2018, Oscar Hoare (Vocals), Zac Walker (Guitar), Michael McGrath (Bass) and Peter Logan (Drums) have found their feet and are moving at pace.

Inspired by their biggest heroes including Van Halen, Violent Soho, JET, The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, Black Country Communion, Smashing Pumpkins and Queen. KODA are focused on developing their own pocket in which they will bring to life their vision of rock and roll through powerful melodies, explosive riffs and deep grooves.

51st Avenue – Sydney based 4 piece set out to create a sonically pleasing and diverse sound blending key features of Electronic (or EDM), Pop and Rock music, while keeping to an honest and real approach to lyrical writing about the struggles of loss, love & loneliness.

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