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Embark on a Night for YOUNG ‘n’ OLD as STITCHER Unleashes their New age, rock n’ roll single: Distant Mirage Lost within the mystic winds of a barren land. Their single becomes the soundtrack to your quest.

Supported by the Classic Outfit: WHO’S YOUR DADDY. 

Dive headfirst into the abyss of sound as STITCHER sets the stage ablaze with their latest single, “Distant Mirage ”

Lost within the mystic winds of a barren land. Their single medley becomes the soundtrack to your quest.

June 14th METRO Theatre

What to expect from a Stitcher Gig..?

Reminiscent of classic rock n roll acts like; Led Zep, Pat Benatar, ACDC, the WHO, Stones, Janis Joplin etc… Stitcher deliver a throwback to the old days of Rock n Roll. Where life was burnt orange and timber decor mixed with Neon lights.

Now meet the band.

The guitar work of Sykes is honestly up there with the greats. True to a classic Page and Hendrix style of thwap*. Sykes walks the talk of having a love affair with his axe. One sees it, and certainly hears it when his Gibson SG wails under Sykes’ masterly technique – he flirts with very complex solos on cue. Better than his age. Straight-up…. blowing minds.

Annabelle Piper!! Holy Moly, Belle has got it in spades. She so definitively delivers with the three Stitcher boys -right-there behind her. From a background in musical theatre, Belle’s vocals are…. Lilting. Grungy. Beautiful. Rock. Proudly Oz and unfettered. Delivered with real sass and the poise of an assassin, and you’ve got her. Fall in love. Enjoy the spell she casts.

Harry Colhoun. Big Harry, Stitcher’s bold red engine, drums with emotion, power, fury, and cleverness, as he lays down a backbone to the band. Sitting in the pocket – and also just everywhere he needs to be with style.

On bass. Essential, driving and easy going, Miles Agius. A groove-master, underpinning the deeper pulse of the drums and bouncing off the guitar riffs. Agius is a charmer – with an iconic seventies moustache and curls, you’ll be feeling the nod, the move and the groove of this clever bassist.

Stitcher already have lot of stage miles for a young band. And always deliver. They’ll launch this New Track “Distant Mirage” with ‘rockets’ shooting from their fingertips and fire from the hips and lips. Do yourself a damn big favour – be there.

And Bring your parents to this one. Go on. Ask them to come. They’ll LOVE it.

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