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Surfing Soundwaves + Cameron Deyell/Laurence Pike

past event


Jazz in the summer – two creative projects inspired by the ocean, nature and being free.

Cameron Deyell/Laurence Pike
The record reflects not only on Australia’s remoteness but the profound influence of the open ocean, with Deyell having recently sailed the boat he was living in from California to Fiji just prior to making the album.

Drawing from their 20 plus year history as collaborators, Melbourne’s Cameron Deyell and Sydney’s Laurence Pike have recently combined forces as a duo with their debut album ‘Isola’.

‘Isola’ echoes the jazz futurism of the 1970s – Joined by multi-instrumentalist Jasper Leak, this concert delves into spiritual improvisation using both acoustic instruments and electronics.

Italian for island, Isola represents the geographical isolation of their home in Australia – a continent renowned for its vastness and subsequent poetic responses to its natural singularity.

Surfing Soundwaves

Freyja Garbett’s latest project ‘Surfing Soundwaves’ is an immersive journey through rich bio-sonic textures inspired by the ocean.

The physical, mental and emotional link between musical improvisation and surfing are concepts that have long been pondered by musicians and lovers of waves. Many surfers have drawn a philosophical connection between these disciplines.

Freyja Garbett’s ‘Surfing Soundwaves’ is the first step in her journey to creating music that encapsulated and audiates the synthesis between music and surfing.

Freyja’s ambient, dreamlike and soothing compositions empower her talented band with the space and freedom to drastically manipulate the music live on stage. Join us, as they “surf the changes”.

“Just as no two jazz solos are alike, neither are two waves ever identical, and good surfers or jazz musicians find renewal and inspiration in the spirit of improvisation” – Tom Schnabel, 2014

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