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Tallulah with Dead Routes

past event


Tallulah are four boys (all born In the 2000’s) attempting to relive the glory days of pop-punk music in the 90s (they were not alive). Leroy, Miko, Gabe, and Callum, whose collective experience with musical instruments could be summed up as “we’ve definitely seen a guitar before,” have embraced their three-chord prowess with the enthusiasm of teenagers discovering internet porn for the first time. This quartet of millennium-born punk enthusiasts have managed to sell out venues with names so indie (Agincourt Hotel, Oxford art factory sidebar) you’d think they were made up on the spot. Critics* (mutual friends and their own mums) have lovingly described their sound as “kind of like the American Pie soundtrack.” which rings true as they haphazardly attempt to make every Australian in the crowd feel like they too missed out on the quintessential American high school experience—albeit minus the crippling student loans. Sonically they bring together pop, punk and what sounds like an attempt at shoegaze inspired by a half-read Wikipedia article and a shared, worn-out My Bloody Valentine CD. Stay tuned for their upcoming single “Ceilings” out May 10th, which their girlfriends have called “their easiest songs to listen to yet” whatever that means.

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