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Teresa Green with upatnight and Possum Pants

past event


Teresa Green are a collective of 6 individuals, coming together to create an innovative sonic experience.

Musicians Joel (keys), Patrick (vocals), Sam (bass), Liam (drums), Grace (vocals) & Stewart (guitar) created this symphonious family, striving to create a community where art can be a voice for human rights and environmental action.

While leaning into a psychedelic progressive rock sound, Teresa Green makes sure to not limit themselves to one genre, blending their love for folk, jazz, pop, punk & metal into tracks.

upatnight are the band that feels, tastes and smells like an Uma Termin sixed overdose of 2000’s garage and indie rock. Bringing a batch of new tunes smudged somewhere the post rock reality of the future

The unfortunate blend of Griffin’s  nausea-inducing bass tones. Ellies bing bang boom drumming, Spencer’s 6 string psychotic episodes, Max’s intoxicating melodic hooks that breach international standards somehow have crossed paths for better or for worse.

The fresh new batch of insomniacs are up and ready, here to please when the sun goes down.


Possum Pants. A sydney based 4 piece with a Lil jazz and funk. Scholars might call it junk. Come and get swept away by these burly boys and their happy sappy tunes.

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