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The Backbeats at The Link and Pin

past event


The Backbeats 2pm Saturday at The Link and Pin
Moving on from The Chill Doubt and Universal Love recordings Kaijin Solo has formed The Backbeats with Rhys Myer on Keytar and Ash Feder on Drums. The mix has produced a completely new aspect to both Kaijin and Rhys’s music and with 2 songwriters in the band Kaijin’s unique take on Blues based Rock and Contemporary Rhythm and Blues has been energised by the Drum-works of Ash Feder and the Complete Circus that is Rhys Myer. The feel goes from the smooth ambiance of Rhys’s Piano work on “ I Think I left The Stove on.” To the Four on the Floor Stomp of “The Dancer” and everywhere in between as Kaijin’s lyrics often are according to those that have heard them. The interplay between the keys and guitar with percussion that sounds like it was always meant to be there has evolved into the fusion that is The Backbeats. Whatever else your’re doing on Easter Saturday you owe it to yourself be at The Link and Pin by 2pm to hear this band.

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