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The Jarrett Family Wire MC, Tasman Keith & Kapital J

past event


The family that pioneered hip-hop in Australia

This event will delve into the life stories of these three men from the Bowraville Mission and Sydney. Wire MC, a pioneering force in the evolution of hip hop in Australia, has left an enduring mark on the music industry. He is a trailblazer for First Nations artists with an uncompromising stance on what it means to be an Aboriginal man.

His sons, Tasman Keith and Sammy J (aka Kapital J) are following his footsteps and carving their own path in the music industry.  Tasman, a determined and independent artist, is set on preserving his roots while forging a unique musical identity. Sammy J’s versatility as a producer and DJ has seen him create his own music, as well as collaborate with brother Tasman and other artists.

Book tickets and hear how the Jarretts have kept storytelling alive through their genre-defying music.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

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