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The Musician’s Collective Live

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The Musician’s Collective is a grassroots, musician-led community that supports emerging and independent artists in Australia.

Showcasing the talent within the collective, this is your opportunity to discover incredible local acts and connect with a community of musicians & producers at underground art hub Knox St Bar.

Spanning a diverse genre range of electronic, post-punk, alt-soul, folk and pop, six artists will each bring a unique sound and performance that you won’t want to miss.


Fetherstone was born in the UK, when Briana Cowlishaw went on a trip to London to explore the world of electronic pop and folk. With 15 years of experience pursuing jazz in Australia and around the world, you can hear jazz inflections in the refined vocal delivery and harmonic twists and turns of her songs. Each song is lead by a strong sense of storytelling, reflecting on her own life, whether that arrives as a simple folk guitar riff and vocal melody or an electro beat, synthesizer and vocal harmony arrangement. This show will see Fetherstone performing her set solo on guitar, using loops to showcase her love for vocal harmony.


hellogrimbo is the brainchild of film composer turned producer-songwriter, Helen Grimley. She has combined forces with fellow oddballs, Thibaud Kessell (People Sound) and Ash Stoneham (Delay 45) to create a three-piece band replete with strident, complex beats, wonky synths and sultry vocals.

It’s alt-soul/pop, with a quarter of a tab thrown in for measure 😉


Singer-songwriter Nikkita brings a raw sense of honesty to the electronic pop landscape. Emerging in early 2022 with singles ‘Looking Up’ and ‘In The Sky’, Nikkita creates music that’s sombre, yet uplifting; intimate, yet immense; weaving, yet always finding its way to a catchy and repetitive hook. It’s decidedly pop, but with elements of future bass, folk and trap. Music you can both walk listlessly to and lose yourself dancing to.


Born and raised in Western Sydney, Russo has performed in speakeasy burlesque bars to the stages at Big Day Out, with a string of releases over the years and notable achievements. Her songs range from pulsating pop anthems to sultry RnB/soul ballads. She has collaborated with some of the finest producers such as Harts (Prince), and Neal Sutherland (Bertie Blackman, PVT, Sophia Lowe). This year saw Russo release her new single “Letting Go”.


Also a movie director, Sean Bell moonlights as a musician from Sydney, Australia. His vulnerable, poetic lyrics are sandwiched between post-punk and electronic sounds, peppered with pop culture references and scathing self-awareness. Sean’s music evokes a dancey-melancholy reminiscent of artists like Interpol, The Cure, Joy Division, The Streets and Sloppy Jane.


Space Cop 2, the Earth born producer based in outer space, brings you music from the future and also from the past, but never from the present because time is an illusion.

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