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The world’s greatest avant-garde trio return

The Necks are Sydney Opera House legends. In their decade-plus playing the venue, the band the New York Times famously dubbed the greatest trio on Earth have never repeated the same performance, delivering stunningly improvised shows that send audiences into an ecstatic trance. The avant-garde hypnotists made their Opera House debut in 2008, and have thrilled audiences ever since including their most recent and acclaimed performance as part of Vivid LIVE 2023. The Necks return but to the Playhouse Theatre in 2024 for two nights, sure to burnish their already towering reputation.

More than 30 years into their career, pianist Chris Abrahams, drummer Tony Buck and bassist Lloyd Swanton continue to surprise with their transportive mix of experimental jazz, avant-garde rock and Zen-like minimalism. Their storied achievements include multiple ARIA and APRA award wins, film scores, and 22 widely acclaimed studio albums, including their 2023 fittingly-named Travel, an adventurous record that discovers new ripples in the band’s sonic journey.

The Necks are one of the most important bands Australia has ever produced,” Augie March drummer Dave Williams told Rolling Stone in 2020. They blew my tiny little mind.”

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