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The Tin Knees, Tawny Port, Blackout Fun Club, the Vandastruts

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The Tin Knees are a popping comedy?-indie-sugar-pop-rock band from the Illawarra, although they can’t seem to stay in one place long enough to be classified as just one genre. With razor sharp guitar licks, twinkling keys and a mysterious brass element, The Tin Knees’ sound can be stripped back to two words: poorly defined. Many years of instrumental experience are shared between the band members, but the disorganised and inconsistent nature of their stage show is guaranteed to make even the most seasoned punter feel like the ingenue.

But the music is just half of the experience – when the band walks on stage, it is best summed as an elephant stampede of personality and colour. What can you expect? Visually confusing, musically enigmatic, but totally satisfying. The Tin Knees have to be seen to be believed!

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