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Tijuana Cartel – Acid Pony: One More Trip

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After touring much of the country and adding in some European stops, Gold Coast Music Awards ‘Live Act of the Year’ Tijuana Cartel are wrapping up the final shows of their Acid Pony tour before they head back to the studio this winter.

The band has been described as “… like a trip to the moon. Watching them perform is a whole-body experience that transports you. Paul’s skill on the guitar is unparalleled and time seems to slow as you watch him create art through his instrument.” Katelyn Rew, The Au Review.

Tijuana Cartel’s sound is high-energy, guitar-driven, world music for indie kids. Based in deep electronic roots, the group blends a concoction of multi-layered grooves, splashes of Middle Eastern vocals, lilting Moby-esque soundscapes, Flamenco and slide guitar, trumpet, live & electronic world beats and percussion, influenced heavily by breakbeats.

Although the latest release, ‘Acid Pony’, has an obvious feeling of heavy baselines and move-your-booty beats, there is still a deep current of musicianship and trippy interludes that are sure to take listeners into try other-worldly realm. The album draws on the years and years of Paul and Carey’s experience in crafting albums and is mixed nicely with percussion by Sheila Finke and various brass instruments added by Joshua Sinclair and Eamon Dilworth.

Tijuana Cartels’ latest album, ‘Acid Pony’ is out worldwide now.

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