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Timi Temple – ‘Yuck My Yum’ Single Launch

past event



it’s been forever since you’ve seen timi temple LIVE…

The YUM:

timi temple is absolutely back and celebrating with the biggest gigs yet with two DeLeCtAbLe & ScRuMpTiOuS shows at the Lansdowne Hotel on April 15th ♪┏(°.°)┛

The Fancy Blurb Timi Absolutely Didn’t Write Himself:

One of Australia’s most endearing DIY indie-rock artists Timi Temple has just revealed his scrumptious new single ‘Yuck My Yum’ – produced and recorded by the artist himself.
Exuding effortless charm and Timi’s delicate vocal delivery, ‘Yuck My Yum’ is a wholesome cut of infectious indie-pop that pulls at the heartstrings through captivating lyricism and deft production. Reminiscent of luminaires girl in red, Gus Dapperton and Clairo, the track wields an elegant, dynamic range, from it’s gorgeous, pulled-back bridge, to its off-centre, eccentric outro.

The Bit Timi Did Write:

~ my dearest snek squad I am beyond excited to get COOKED* with you all at these ‘yuck my yum’ single launch shows ~ ORDER* up a ticket now because if you SIMMER* you might miss out and that’ll BURN* ~ [yes, I’ll be dressed as a chef for the show]

*these were all food puns by the way

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