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Tina Martini – ‘Androgyne Genie’ David Bowie Tribute – LIVE AT BUTCHERS BREW BAR!

26 July 2024 8:00 pm


Tina Martini – “Androgyne Genie” David Bowie Tribute

Tina Martini extends David Bowie’s androgynous leanings to their fullest with her three-act presentation of his timeless material,

A gender fluid performer, armed with only an acoustic guitar & some effects units, she cruises through renditions of every Bowie era, presenting his humour, the darker facets of his character & some very powerful & poignant moments with a strong vocal performance & masterful guitar arrangements.

She performs songs from the height of his popularity as well as some lesser-known compositions, emphasising pioneering works from this amazing & prolific artist which play heavily on the gender bending aspects that helped to change popular perception of acceptable sexuality.

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