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Vazesh close the weekend on Sunday afternoon, performing enlightening music improvisations inspired by the Persian Radif and renowned Iranian tar player Hamed Sadeghi’s of Eishan Ensemble. Featuring Sadeghi alongside award-winning saxophonist-bass clarinetist Jeremy Rose (The Vampires, The Earshift Orchestra) and bassist Lloyd Swanton (The Necks, The Catholics) this is an exciting collaboration driven by an exploration of musical discovery. With inspiration from Anouar Brahem, Dhafer Youssef, Spiritual Jazz, and The Necks, their music draws from many influences and yet sounds uniquely their own.

“It’s the closest thing to telepathy I’ve seen. The audience applauds satisfied by the class the brevity the structural perfection and rich invention of Rose Sadeghi and Swanton’s Vazesh.” ★★★★★ Limelight Magazine

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