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Walk + Rain Patterns + Sam Gill & Simon Barker

past event


Three bands full of unique, emerging Australian jazz musicians present a night of modern jazz and new music.

WALK is a suite of music about going for a stroll and thinking the same repetitive thoughts. Many different short, cyclical, repetitive and often meditative forms are trodden on. Sometimes the mood is mellow and the scenery along the walk can be enjoyed. Sometimes the walkers have stressful jobs and places to be and the walk is more manic.
With Toby Graham – vocals, Jack Stoneham – alto saxophone, Hilary Geddes – guitar, Linus Foley – piano, Jacques Emery – double bass & Ashley Stoneham – drums

RAIN PATTERNS emerged from the idea that the more female musicians actively involved in the Australian Jazz Community, the more positive inputs and new perspectives there will be to shape the current yet ever changing music scene. Just as the windier and warmer a storm becomes, the more interesting and unique patterns, shapes and sizes the rain begins to take on. The group met through the Sydney Conservatorium’s Jazz Performance course and actively encourage and participate in each others work. Isabella Morison (Vocals) Bernice Tesara (Trumpet) Tessie Overmyer (Saxophone) Carla Dobbie (Trombone) Lauren Tsamouras (Piano) Hilary Geddes (Guitar) Lauren White (Bass) Chloe Kim (Drums)

SAM GILL & SIMON BARKER: Following the release of their 2020 EP ‘Afterimage’, Sam Gill and Simon Barker join forces for an improvised set drawing on their shared interest in rhythmic and textural explorations.
Simon Barker – Drums & Sam Gill – Saxophones

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