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2021 was a busy year for Sydney’s Yawdoesitall. Putting in the work in the studio, preparing for a new chapter of artistry that manifested in successful singles ‘Test Drive (ft.Tawanda)’ and ‘ARMADILLO (ft. Maina Doe)’, the music the hip hop artist and producer was delivering cemented his place as one of the city’s finest fresh voices. With a new year of music ahead, Yawdoesitall returned with his first release for 2022 in ‘Switch’. Woozy R&B vocals bury the lede, before opening up into quickfire and confident rap bars. Akin to the likes of Stormzy and Headie One, ‘Switch’ was the perfect dose of heat to herald Yaw’s re-entry to the scene. Paired with equally striking visuals, Yaw took on directing duties himself; producing the ‘Switch’ video with a talented crew of creatives at a number of sites in Marrickville, Granville and Dural. The emergence of Yawdoesitall as a strong new voice in the latest wave of Australian hip hop has been solidified through a range of avenues since 2020. As a live performer, Yaw has dominated on his own stages, selling out two shows at the Vanguard in Sydney and playing at the iconic Landsdowne Hotel. Fans have seen him supporting Baker Boy, as well asperforming alongside Boomchild at Yours & Owls Festival. Named as a BIGSOUND50 artist in 2020, Yawdoesitall has been consistently proving his worth and staying power with Australian industry and tastemakers alike.

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