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Yt DiNGO Presents the East Coast OZ to UK Tour 2024

3 August 2024 8:30 am




 Why You Can’t Miss This Tour:



A moonlit night, a dance pit with no rules, cloudy lungs, and Yt DiNGO’s drool on the mic, howling metal melodic vocals, poetic rhymes, and unorthodox dancing. Turn the volume full as RedBelly (Indigenous DJ) weaves Yt DiNGO’s soulful, gritty tunes, creating an atmosphere where Yt DiNGO is unleashed. This award winning and festival knockout shares tales told through anti-pop, rock, hip-hop, roots and dance colliding in a hypnotic dance and lyrical feast.


After dropping three mesmerising singles this year with majestic videos and features, Yt DiNGO shares his journey of embracing his ancestral ties to country. Let go, witness, and awaken as far into the dingo burrow as you please. This tour isn’t just about music; it’s a transformative experience where music and movement tell mind bending stories to protect and celebrate our connection to the land, water, fire, and sky.

Temptalien ft Emily Wurramara and Angela Wurramara:

Ngarraanga Wajaarr(Respect Country) ft Clark Webb: 

Mac-Uaimhe(Echo) ft Ádhamh Ò Broin:


 Get Your Tickets Now: $18 Pre Sale, $23 at the Door 

Join us for a night that will uplift your spirit and awaken your senses. Grab your tickets and let’s turn it up with Yt DiNGO and his DJ, RedBelly + Special Guests to be announced!

8:30pm – Doors 

Support 1 TBC – 9:00pm

Support 2 TBC – 9:30pm

Yt DiNGO – 10:15 – 11:45pm

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