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Bron & Suzie B - Amplify.Sydney

Live music lovers from way back...

Remember the good old days when every week you could grab a copy of “On the Street” or a “Drum Media” mag and plan your live music itinerary of bands and venues for the next week? We miss those heady days… when you would go from the Lansdowne to the Hopetoun, the Sandringham, the Annandale, Sanctuary Cove Tavern, Graphic Arts and Trade Union… and many, many more venues and pubs. A time when Sydney was pumping and sweaty with live music venues and awesome bands. A lot of things have changed – but the love Sydney-siders have for live music is not one of them.

Good friends Bronwyn Cooksley and Sue Blatchford – love live music and after those dark old days of lockdown,  found live music popping up all over Sydney, but no-one knew about it. They were constantly amazed when friends would ask “is there really live music on? Where?”  So Amplify.Sydney was born.

Sue Blatchford is a digital agency owner and Bron is an event producer – both with skills that perfectly complemented for the creation of this ‘side hustle’. 

There are ‘what’s on’ guides around, but many different guides catering for individual genres  – and like us, music lovers often love many styles of music. You can’t assume that someone who likes to go to a local pub rock gig isn’t going to be in to the opera.

We want to make AMPLIFY a one-stop-shop for ALL the live music in Sydney and surrounds.

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Our Team

The Team

It takes a lot of peeps to make things happen. Here is our amazing team.

Bronwyn Cooksley

Usually known as Bron or Bronnie – unless I’m in trouble. My career started in television production, but I’ve been producing events for over 10 years now. Music has always been a large part of my life and I love attending live music. My tastes are very wide; a former Sydney punk, I also enjoy classical music, opera, country, indie, R & B, and rock. Individual artists too huge to list but currently enjoying John Kennedy, Tim Freedman, Tex Perkins (with Suze) & Caitlin Harnett. 

Suzanne Blatchford

Sue, Suzie, Suzanne – that’s me. I spent my youth hanging out with bands on the Northern Beaches and Inner City of Sydney. My work career started in graphic design, writing and multimedia and has been firmly set in digital marketing for the last 20 years. It was time to get back to what I love. Fav music – Nick Cave, Hilltop Hoods, Tex Perkins, and so many more. I miss TISM & VRAG.