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ThenNowWhen w/ Sabine + Harley

past event


ThenNowWhen – Hailing from Melbourne, ThenNowWhen features the synchronous sounds of bassist Sam Anning, guitarist Theo Carbo and drummer Kyrie Anderson.

An all-star collaborative trio of award winning virtuoso instrumentalists finding new modes of expression through improvisation, composition and interplay.

In the crisp winter of 2022, bassist Sabine Tapia encountered guitarist Harley Coleman (dressed elegantly as a lobster) at a house party in Stanmore. Despite being nearly strangers, they were astonished to find an uncanny alignment in their musical influences, particularly sharing a teenage obsession with 90’s indie band Ben Folds Five. Two months later, they started rehearsals in Harley’s living room, where their instant connection and rapport solidified a profound musical partnership. Their music is characterised by an intimate and familiar warmth.

Sabine and Harley continue to collaborate on songwriting and production, delving further into their shared musical journey.

7pm Doors/Restaurant  ????????
8:30pm – Harley & Sabine
9:30pm – ThenNowWhen

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